Resources for the Year of Faith

To assist library users in studying to acquire “a systematic knowledge of the content of the faith” as Pope Benedict XVI urges in Porta Fidei (the Apostolic Letter for the Indiction of the Year of Faith), the University Library brings you Resources for the Year of Faith. Here you can find featured books and documents on Catholic doctrine, which come with a study guide or summary designed to aid the serious self-study of the Catholic faith. The portal also includes links to summaries and references to supplement the Catholic Doctrine Classes (CDC) organized by the Human Resource Management unit in close collaboration with the University Chaplaincy. Requests for other doctrinal materials relevant to one's interest are also entertained.

This initiative is in line with our thrust of creating and fostering an environment where raw information becomes knowledge ab informatione in scientiam* (ref. The UA&P Library's Mission Statement). 


*Latin of “from information to knowledge"
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New Books

    HD 30.23 D37 2011                               HD 30.3 C37 2010               HD 30.4 L66 2011          HF 5718.3 F74 2011

     HD 57.7 K64 2011                                HD 62.7 A64 2011                  HF 5810 H44 2011                         TS 171.4 B73 2010


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