July 27, 2016

Off-Campus Account Access (OCAA)

I. What are the Online Library Resources?

UA&P has a license subscription to a number of online library resources. Most of these are scholarly or academic peer-reviewed journals for specific academic disciplines. The updated list of sites and their links are provided in the official UA&P Library website.

The licensed resources are available for everyone to access for as long as they use the local area network provided by UA&P or access the Internet using the campus WiFi. Access to these sites from a location outside of the University campus would require an Off-Campus Access Account or OCAA.

II. What is the Off-Campus Access?

Off-Campus Access is a privilege given only to university students and staff in order to access UA&P’s licensed library resources. If you are a student or employee of UA&P, you may fill out this Online Form to request for an Off-campus Access Account (OCAA). Your UA&P Email Account (uap.asia) will be required in order to view and eventually fill out the form. If you do not have access to a UA&P Email Account, you will have to request for it from the ICT Office.

Once your OCAA application has been reviewed and processed, you will receive an email from the ICT Help Desk with your OCAA username and password.

If you already have your OCAA username and password (sent to you via email), you may read the rest of the instructions below. Otherwise, you need to request for it by first filling out the Online Form.

III. How can I access JSTOR, EBSCO, Gale VRL, and Philippine E-Journals off-campus?

To access JSTOR, EBSCO, GALE VRL, and the Philippine E-Journals from outside the UA&P campus, you would need to change the proxy settings of your web browser so that you could surf through UA&P’s Internet gateway and be recognized as a site visitor from the university. Your Off-Campus Access Account (OCAA) username and password will be required for you to use UA&P’s proxy. If you still do not have an OCAA account, kindly follow the instructions in step II above.

Keep in mind that you only need to perform the steps below if you wish to access the library sites from outside the UA&P campus.

  1. Change the proxy settings that will be used by your web browser by adding the following entry in the Automatic Proxy Configuration URL (Note: If you need assistance in setting up the Automatic Proxy Configuration, you may refer to the setup guide for Windows or for Mac OS X  first, and then continue with the remaining instructions below):
    • http://proxy.uap.asia:8080/wpad.dat
  2. After adding the entry, use your web browser to go to library.uap.asia, click on the (green) online database button and then the link to library resource you wish to use.
  3. If your browser prompts you for a username and password, type in your OCAA username and password.
  4. You would know that you have access to the licensed resources if the UA&P text appears on the page (see arrow on screen-capture image of JSTOR site below).  JSTOR Zugang - mit Pfeil
  5. Please keep in mind that your OCAA username and password should not be used to log in directly to the JSTOR, EBSCO, GALE, and E-Journals sites. Rather, you use your OCAA account to sign in to the UA&P network gateway or proxy in order to eventually access the library database. In other words, you only need to use the proxy settings and the OCAA authentication with the browser to be able to fully access the online resources.
  6. Although this would not be entirely necessary, you may revert to the original proxy settings or disable them if you are inside the campus and using the university’s network.

V. How can I access the other online resources?

Access to other online resources whose links appear on the library website (e.g., PLOS) are open for the public and therefore would not require any special configuration on your part.

If you need further assistance, you may get in touch with the University Library Staff by phone via local 229 or 291 or through the Library Support email.