July 27, 2016

How to set Automatic Proxy Configuration on Windows Systems

If you are using Windows, you may follow the steps below to set up your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge) to use automatic proxy configuration. If you are using Windows 10, you may follow this guide instead. For Mac systems, you may refer to the Mac OS X guide.

1. Go to Internet Properties in Windows Settings and click on the LAN settings button.00-win-01

2. Once the LAN settings dialog box appears, click on the checkbox which indicates the ‘Use automatic configuration script‘ to enable it.00-win-02

3. Type in ‘http://proxy.uap.asia:8080/wpad.dat‘ inside the Address field box.00-win-03

4. Click on OK to save the settings.00-win-04

5. That’s it! You may now start using your web browser and type in your Off-Campus Access Account (OCAA) username and password if ever you are prompted.

6. If you were redirected to this page from the Off-Campus Access Instruction Guide, you may to the document and continue with the rest of the steps.