October 22, 2015

Library Policies & Procedures

  1. Library Registration
    1. At the start of every semester and summer, names of all bonafide students and regular employees are encoded and updated in the circulation database of Don Eugenio Lopez Library and Don Emilio Ejercito Library based on the lists provided by the Registrar and Human Resource Management offices.
  2. Entrance/Exit
    1. A valid UA&P ID card must be worn by all students and employees upon entering the library.
    2. At the graduate library, college students (1st to 3rd year) are allowed to stay only in the reading area near the Circulation Counter.
    3. Readers leaving the library are required to present their belongings for inspection when the security alarm rings.
  3. Borrowing
    1. To borrow any library material, a valid UA&P ID card must be presented.
    2. Borrowing privileges do not extend to general references, newspapers, periodicals, theses, and materials in special collections and are non-transferable.
    3. Readers are responsible for materials checked out until these are returned to the library.
    4. A student with an unsettled account will not be allowed to borrow any materials from the library.
  4. Loan Period
    1. Books in the General Collection circulate for two (2) weeks and one (1) week during summer. Monographs, Occasional papers may be checked out for three (3) days.
    2. Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of five (5) books from the General Collection and one (1) book from the Reserve Collection.
    3. Books on Reserve are for room use and circulate in an hourly basis. These can be checked out overnight from 6:00 p.m. and should be returned not later than 9:00 a.m. the following day.
    4. Data Bank materials can be borrowed overnight.
    5. All theses are for room use only.
  5. Renewal
    1. Books in the General Collection maybe renewed twice except if there are prior requests for them.
    2. Renewals can be done either personally, thru e-mail and telephone by faculty, staff and students.
    3. Books on reserve cannot be renewed.
  6. Accountabilities
    1. Overdue notices to students are posted on the library bulletin boards every 1st and 3rd week of the month.
    2. For an overdue library material, the following fines are charged:
      1. Php 10.00 per day for books in the General Collection and other library materials that circulate weekly.
      2. Php 5.00 an hour for reserve books and other materials on reserve.
    3. No delinquent reader will be allowed to borrow unless all library accounts are settled.
    4. Every semester and summer all students with accountabilities will be encoded in the Library Accountability Systems (LAS) one (1) week before enrollment time.
  7. Replacement/charges for lost and damaged library materials
    1. Lost or damaged library books must be replaced with the same author, title and edition or pay the cost of the book, plus a processing fee of Php 400.00. Newer edition or title of the same discipline is accepted.
    2. Lost or damaged multimedia materials must be replaced with the same format and title, plus a processing fee of Php 400.00.
    3. Lost/Damaged duplicate copies of multimedia materials are charged Php 500 inclusive of processing fee.
    4. Donations cannot offset for lost or damaged materials.
    5. Readers who find a major damage in the materials they intend to borrow, must report it at once to the librarian otherwise, they will be held responsible for the damage.
    6. Reimbursements for returned lost and paid materials are refunded within the school year excluding the processing fee.
  8. Library Users’ Responsibilities
    1. The library is a noise free area.
    2. Readers are enjoined to follow the University dress code.
    3. Bottled water must be out of sight.
    4. Eating, smoking, playing of games, loud conversation, and boisterous laughter are strictly prohibited.
    5. Everyone must use the trash cans provided for throwing their waste.
    6. Chairs are to be tucked in and desk lights turned off after use at the Don Eugenio Lopez Library (College Library).
    7. Used books must be placed in the book truck.
    8. Seat reservation is not allowed
    9. Cell phones must be turned off or put in a silent mode while inside the library.
    10. Incoming/outgoing mobile calls are not permitted inside the library.
    11. Any library user liable for each violation shall lose his/her library privilege.
  9. Referral Letter
    1. In requesting for a referral letter, a valid UA&P ID must be presented.
    2. The letter can be claimed after an hour.
  10. Library Clearance
    1. Students and employees whose library records are not cleared will not be issued their clearances.
  11. Photo Duplication
    1. The photocopier is strictly for photocopying of library materials.
    2. Photocopying of thesis/dissertation is not allowed.
  12. Scanning and Printing
    1. The following amount is charged for printing and scanning of library materials:
      1. Black plain text (short) – P4.00 / per page
      2. Black plain text (long) – P5.00 / page
      3. Black text with graphics – P6.00/ per page
      4. Colored text w/ graphics half page & whole page (Short bond) – P35.00/ per page
      5. Colored text w/ graphics whole page (Long bond) – P35.00/ per page
      6. Scanning – P10.00/ per page
      7. Scanning & printing (colored) – P45.00/ per page
  13. Researchers from other Institutions
    1. A referral letter from the Chief Librarian must be presented by students from another school.
    2. Other researchers must present valid ID cards.
    3. A fee of P50.00 is charged for every visit.
    4. Alumni without ID are charged P20.00 per visit.
    5. Current Consortium and BEA members are allowed to use the library free of charge.
    6. Fourth year high school students are allowed at the Don Eugenio Lopez library only.
    7. Use of AV materials, databases and internet services are not allowed.
  14. Multimedia Lab
    1. All A-V materials are primarily for instructional use.
    2. Viewing of video recording by students is allowed upon presentation of a request letter noted by his/her professor.
    3. Upon presentation of a request letter from a film faculty, students may borrow the chosen title.
    4. CD-ROM as accompanying material of a book can be borrowed for two (2) weeks.
    5. Audio-Visual equipment
      1. All A-V equipment are for Multimedia room use only.
    6. Internet Access
      1. Internet is strictly for research purposes only.
      2. Only one person at a time is allowed to use computer work station.
      3. Food and drinks including water are not allowed inside the Multimedia room.
      4. All saved files in the computer will be deleted every Saturday.